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Artist Focus: Interview with Papiyon


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This week we followed up Holt 88‘s excellent “Don’t Stop EP” with a standout EP by the young French don; Papiyon. That rhymes by the way. Anyway, we had a quick sit down and asked Andeol, to see what his plans for the future are!

– Hi Andeol, congrats on the release, we really love the vibe, what influenced those vibes on this record?
“Although I really like house, I¬†listen to a lot of different styles of music. I really love rap music for example, I guess what I am saying is: a lot of stuff influences me as a producer, so I can’t pinpoint just one thing, honestly!”

– Which elements in your production are really important to you?
“Well, I spend hours on sound design, which allows me, I believe, to make my tracks stand out. Like I said, I get influenced by multiple genres, including the Tech House and hiphop, which is why you’ll find a fair bit of 808 drums in my tracks.”

– What do you think your defining trait is in your productions?
“I love weird stuff, like random samples and sound effects. I pride myself on doing unexpected things, which I think is missing in a lot of tracks today.”

– We love unexpected things! With that being said, what can we expect from you in 2018?
“I am already working on a bunch of new tracks, and I have collaborations in the works with my fellow countryman Louarn and Luke Andy. I might try some techno oriented productions next year as well! As for dreams, while I don’t feel I am quite there yet, I would love to release on This Ain’t Bristol!”

Purchase Papiyon’s Grammar EP here


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