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Artist Focus: Interview with Oliver Housier


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Our latest EP was brought to us by another Brazilian Bass wizard called Oliver Housier. As a relative newcomer in the scene he has produced two standout bangers, that are oozing with quality. We know little about Oliver though, which is why it was time to ask him some questions.

– Tell us a bit about your self! Where are you from and who influences you as a producer?
I am currently living in Londrina, which is in the south of Brazil but shortly I am moving to the coast of Paran√° in Matinhos. As for incluences, I would say Ciszak is a Brazilian producer that I admire. And I use his productions as a personal reference. I love his dope bass lines and strong melody hooks.

– What are your goals for 2018?
I intend to continue with the work I am doing now and my goal is to build towards having a greater recognition from the house crowds. This is my first year using my moniker Oliver Housier and I am very satisfied with what I’ve accomplished in 2017.

– What is your favorite tool in the studio right now?
I use Ableton for my productions and my go to VSTs are Massive and Sylenth. Both synths allow me to be creative, play around and modulate my synths and basses into weird freaky sounds.

– Tell us a bit about your production process, how do you typically start a track?
So for me, it starts with the kick, the clap and the bass. I focus on getting the groove of the record right, before I start adding melodies. After that, I start adding other stuff like pads, fx and if needed a vocal sample.

– What is the easiest vs hardest part for you when making a track?
The part that I usually nail right away is the bass, I am good at creating rhythmic basslines that, quite quickly make sense. The hardest for me is the mixing, because my productions are all made on headphones and sometimes I am lacking that critical listening environment, so just I trust my ears to my best ability.

Get Oliver’s awesome “Too Young EP”



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